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We are architects and designers who create seamless transitions for indoor/outdoor living.

Wolfgang & Connie

Wolfgang grew up in the south of Austria between concrete and steel, earthworks and construction trucks. His family taught him the basics of constructing, planning and running a company from his early childhood on. Every school holiday turned into an exhausting internship on the premises of his parents’ construction company where he would carry bricks, dig holes, load trucks, drive all kinds of vehicles and later on supervise building sites and design projects. His father, a genuine entrepreneur, doer and tough role model, has shaped his very first values and work attitude till today.

Connie was born in a little village that has always felt too small for her. She dreamt big and when she had the chance to escape small-town Austria, she went big and straight to the most exciting place she could image: New York City. She totally fell in love with almost everything and wished so much she could stay forever. After a year her visa expired and she returned in tears to a country that seemed even more petite and limited, if that was possible.