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For us there are no set boundaries in terms of architecture, design and lifestyle. We rather consider them areas with blurred designations and functions that influence, enrich and inspire each other. Just like our job. We start out with an idea or a wish and create a whole life environment. You decide in the end if you want us to design your apartment, a house or a whole city based on the concept.

Architecture is the physical frame for life, based on different styles, needs and values. It is always an interplay of the developed space and those who inhabit or use it. We consider it our task to implement the wishes and related functions in the best possible way. It is our objective to create timeless and sustainable architecture that evolves from the inner values of function, form-finding, use, and of course the ability to touch the outer world emotionally. On the one hand we want to inspire you and on the other hand, we strive for designing visually and functionally high-quality objects for the society.


We turn indoor and outdoor spaces into retreats, small islands, havens for your guests, perfect working or inspiration sites. With pleasure we professionally and stylishly implement the things that come to your mind – or not. We are extremely good at channeling your incomplete and not fully developed pictures, subsequently define and visualize them according to your wishes and needs. Based on many years of interdisciplinary experiences in the fields of architecture and furniture design as well as production, we create smart and holistic concepts which are not just functional but optimize spaces in terms of planning and esthetics – no matter if they are parts of living rooms, penthouse terraces or bars. You just need to enjoy them in the end.


Today, furniture are not just commodities or tools, but things whose looks and ergonomics we enjoy. As founders of a furniture brand with an international focus, we have got years of know-how and global experiences in terms of designing, producing and selling design and lifestyle products. Whether you need standardized furniture for interior or exterior areas, wish to get your individualized concept, or picture a customized product for your apartment in a historic building, due to our expertise, we can provide concepts or unique products, which perfectly frame your projects and make you happy.

Latest Work

The Outlaw Pioneertown

This 3,000+ sq.ft home (with a total of 4 bedrooms and 4 baths, incl. an additional bedroom in a train car) was purchased by new owners, who saw the need of adding outdoor fun amenities in order to turn the Wild West-themes compound into a successful rental place.


Piute Trail

This 2-bedroom Joshua Tree home was purchased by a young family, and needed to be furnished to function as a second home and rental business. Located in the middle of boulders and a dense vegetation, it is the perfect place to relax and unwind.


High Desert Cabin

A classic 480-squarefoot-cabin from 1959 was redesigned for the purpose of using it as a High Desert dwelling for a couple of months, before implementing it into another architectural concept. The cabin is situated on a 5-acre-lot in the middle of a dense Joshua Tree environment on Gamma Gulch Rd. 


Venice Beach Villa

A classic 1-bedroom bungalow in Venice, L.A., needed some upgrading. As the 590 sqft. (ca. 55 m2) house is a rental, the idea was to create something stylish but still affordable while holding on to the vintage charm of the Venice dwelling.


In the Works

Obviously there is a lot going on and we’d love to share with you what we are currently working on. See and read about our current and future projects, whether they still in our heads, on plans or in the middle of demo or building. Feel free to reach out if you have questions, are inspired or just want to get in touch.


Casa Codita

A colorful and pleasing style brings a touch of international design to this desert getaway. We were inspired by both Mediterranean and Californian architecture and lifestyles and incorporated the elements of nature – water, air, earth and fire – into the concept. You’ll find the four elements embedded into the interiors and the exteriors alike.


The Modern Wolfden

The Modern Wolfden was our first case study model home in California. We purchased the 2.5 acre- property in 2017 and the structure standing on it was not much more than an old, neglected building full of trash and broken furniture.