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In the Works

Guesthouse for The Modern Wolfden

We are planning to add a guesthouse to The Modern Wolfden. There will be two more bedrooms, two additional bathrooms, and also a kitchen. So even more space for more people to enjoy a desert vacation.


Today we are inspired by colorful bathrooms. Bold choices usually pay off and set the mood for daily spa experiences. Especially in the desert you want to add a green touch to your interior.

No risk, no magic

So, we are all in this together. The weird times of Corona. The former unimaginable status of a global lock-down – personally, economically and financially. And still, it has happened, and we need to adapt to this current limbo, as some people call it. Being European, we have of course already been dealing with all that a bit longer. We have watched our home and neighboring countries get alarmed, shutting everything down and being quarantined. Our relatives told us about the consequences already weeks ago, when people in the US were not really sure if this is really a thing. Apparently, it is, and the lock-up has reached our new home as well. It is scary and it is hard to foretell the future. We have been talking about different scenarios for a long time now and nobody has got any answers – at least none that are desirable or effective. We cannot provide solutions either. Yet, and this includes everything we have been planning within the last months, we are positive that it will go on. Therefore, we are not desperate, complaining about things we cannot change or hoping that all will be the same again, once they lift the lock-down. There will be changes in terms of how we deal with people and also with business but honestly, there will be a lot of new opportunities for those who are not afraid. And we are not. So, we have just bought another property in Pioneertown and we are eager to build another house. We just love the area and we love to create stunning homes for you. Everybody should have the opportunity to come here for a couple of days and enjoy the real Wild West, including its beautiful nature and calming vibe. Once we have figured out how to make this all happen, The Modern Wolfden will get a bigger brother or sister where you can not only experience our work and lifestyle, but maybe find your real self at last. It happens all the time! We cannot wait for this new adventure and of course you.

Developing the Real Wild West

A lot of things have changed since our last update – No risk, no magic. This is still true - now maybe more than ever. I know, we are still in the midst of a pandemic and nobody can tell what is ahead of us. All that we know is that it already has had a huge impact on our lives. Still, as mankind is designed to adapt, we all have to get used to the new ‘normal’. The coronavirus has been presenting new and unique challenges. We are navigating uncharted waters with this virus, making it important to find new ways to work, interact and dwell. The giant forced experiment of remote working en masse will likely last longer than we all expected. Tech companies seem to be taking the concept especially seriously. Google extended its work from home policy to at least next July after initially saying employees should expect to return to the office in January 2021. Amazon extended its policy through January 2021, while Facebook expects half of its employees to work from home by 2030. Meanwhile, Twitter will let employees work remotely for as long as they want. Other companies will definitely follow this trend. What does that mean for the housing market and especially for the High Desert? We feel that there has been a major shift. Major urban centers, like LA, were already losing their appeal due to skyrocketing rents and changes in the labor market. Now, due to the pandemic, more and more people are drawn to suburbs, smaller cities and even very remote areas, like the High Desert, which is still just a 2.5-hour drive away from LA or San Diego. With vast numbers of professionals now working remotely, a lot of people reconsider whether they need to live in the middle of a big city after all. Most of us have been locked down in a small house or apartment for a very long time. It definitely has had an impact on the way we feel about our homes. Many people feel that their spaces are too small, not suitable for a working environment, or just situated in an area that is far too dense to feel safe. We can confirm that within the last months people have been looking for more suburban and rural properties. Why? For once, those areas are much more affordable. There might be more spacious, have a garden, and maybe only a few or no neighbors. Suddenly, a better work-life balance and a more flexible office life becomes attainable and not something we just dream of. For some, the promise of being able to work from anywhere could finally come to pass. The reality is – and we are very thankful for this – we get a couple of calls every day from people interested in moving or investing in the High Desert (comprising mainly the towns of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, Pioneertown, 29 Palms and Wonder Valley). Due to the challenging past months, they are willing to change their lives or at least invest into something that makes sense, as this area has been booming in terms of short vacation rentals for the past years. We are of course happy to share our experiences and knowledge and provide the service needed to develop their visions. Yet, we also know that not everybody in this area is so happy about the hype and all the new city people eager to explore and populate the rural plots. On the other hand, those people bring business and make sure that the desert towns thrive in terms of work and property values. A lot of the old, unattractive houses or shags – sometimes abandoned in the landscape – are being remodeled and brought to a much higher standard. There are new little shops and restaurants that beautify the main street. Suddenly there is the possibility to enjoy healthy or even vegan dishes. We are definitely not afraid of progress and change, as long as it heads into the right direction. As architects and designers, we aim at enhancing the natural beauty of the area. Developing concepts of houses that are not meant to be in the desert is definitely not something desirable for us, on the contrary, we love to play with original architectural ideas and transform them into functional, modern structures that provide uninterrupted views of the scenery outside in order to understand the desert itself and to co-exist with its rhythm and inhabitants. Our approach is not to make fast money or to put lipstick on the pig, but to create high-quality, stylish dwellings that will stand the test of time. Things are heading in the right direction, but honestly, it is happening fast. More and more properties are being purchased, and in order to find the perfect place for yourself or your future asset, you need to act quickly. We’d love to be your partner in this exciting adventure!